Professional EPS melting machine of GREENMAX MARS series$38,000(Ontario, CA)

GREENMAX Mars C100 densifier is a melting machine with the process of crushing, melting and extruding for the polystyrene foam handling. Different from the other series machines, this machine can even melt the wet polystyrene materials as fish boxes. Under these processes, the loose polystyrene will be changed into dense blocks with the reduction ratio of 90:1, which can greatly facilitates the transportation and recycling action. GREENMAX Mars series compacts waste polystyrene material efficiently, and the applicable materials also include EPP XPS, PSP/food trays and cups. If you are interested, please contact us: Global manager: Lucy Shen (Ms) Cell phone: +19095094199 Email: Address: 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764 More Information: